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Sama Skincare & Laser Treatment


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Mon - Fri: 9am - 2pm & 4pm-6pm

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6066 Buttonfield Pl,

Orléans, ON

K1W 1B9

Sama Skincare & Laser Treatment

Why Sama Skincare?

At Sama Skincare, your pursuit of beauty is met with cutting-edge technology and trusted expertise. Our commitment to top-tier service is unwavering, ensuring that every client experiences the pinnacle of skincare solutions.

Sama, a certified Esthetician, honed her craft at Algonquin College Ottawa, earning her Esthetics diploma. Her proficiency in laser hair removal and facial treatments is enriched by the advanced machines we employ, including the Gentle Max Pro by Candela and the Elite IQ by Cynosure. Her journey in esthetics was further solidified alongside her husband, Bash, a seasoned dermatologist specializing in laser treatments at his clinic in Damascus since 2003. Beyond laser treatments, Sama's mastery extends to waxing, sugaring, and a range of bespoke beauty services, ensuring a holistic approach to your beauty needs.

Sama Skincare & Laser Treatment
Sama Skincare & Laser Treatment

Tech-Driven Glow

At SAMA, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled skin care and laser treatments to our esteemed clientele. Our suite of state-of-the-art machines includes the Elite IQ by Cynosure, the Gentle Max Pro by Candela, the Elos Plus from Candela, the Skaya Microneedling Machine, and the Silver Peel Microdermabrasion Machine from Silhouet-Tone. Each of these machines has been rigorously tested and is approved by Canada’s Health Care System, underscoring our dedication to safety and excellence.

The Elite IQ is renowned for its precision and adaptability, ensuring each treatment is tailored to individual skin types and concerns. The Gentle Max Pro is celebrated for its dual wavelength laser technology, offering fast and efficient treatments with minimal discomfort. The Elos Plus stands as a testament to advanced pulsed light solutions, while the Skaya Microneedling Machine is a leader in its category for rejuvenating treatments. Not to be overlooked, the Silver Peel Microdermabrasion Machine offers exceptional exfoliation and revitalizing capabilities.

Together, these machines represent the pinnacle of aesthetic technology, promising results that are not only visible but also long-lasting. Trust in our advanced equipment and expertise to transform your skin and provide the radiant glow you've always desired.

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