Skin Tags Treatment in Ottawa

Skin Tags Treatment in Ottawa

Skin Tags can now be removed in the quickest and easiest way, using the most effective treatment procedures without any pain, discomfort, or fear of bleeding or scarring. At Sama Skin Care – we have a team of professionals in getting rid of skin tags by using the most advanced techniques with proven results.

Acrochordon – Also known as Skin Tags are common; a small benign tumor can be smooth, irregular in shape, a flesh color, and appears on the surface of the skin. Almost 60% of the people may develop skin tags and are even more common in middle-aged and obesity individuals. Skin tags are mostly formed on neck, armpits, and groin areas. They may also occur on the face, usually under eyelids. Although they are harmless and painless, it can be bothered and irritate to many people. They do not grow or change, though tags up to a half-inch long, which wouldn’t normally be a problem.
However, the exact cause of the skin tags is still unknown; but they may appear from skin rubbing against the skin.
Our Skin Care center employs the best medical practices for giving expert advice and consultations with respect to skin tag removal. Our center is primarily focusing on non-invasive procedures to remove skin tags that give minimal discomfort and usually more painless with quick results. The treatment sessions for removing the skin tags depends on the number of skin tags, however, we ensure that numerous skin tags are removed in one session.

There are various treatments and some of them are more invasive compared to other procedures. At the Sama Skin Center, we prefer the treatment that gives minimal pain, rejuvenates cosmetic looks, and at affordable cost.
The skin tag can be removed through one of the most common methods of treatment such as freezing, burning, or cutting. Moreover, home remedies are also widely available to remove skin tags. However, you need an expert doctor to provide consultation to remove skin tags at your home to avoid any infections or serious problems.

Laser treatment is the most effective, minimally invasive, less expensive, and easiest way to get rid of skin tags.
Most of the treatment is done in an outpatient facility. Laser treatment is an anesthetic procedure performed by highly professional doctors to keep the treatment minimal painful for the patient. We use a combination of high and /or low-intensity lasers that leave you no scarring. A mild discomfort will be there and the session lasts for about 20 minutes. There will be a downtime of 3 to 4 days for the healthy tissues to heal and it may take about two weeks for less healthy tissues to recover completely. The laser treatment can be treated with all types of skin tags and even on harder areas such as under the eyelids. In the rarest case, some patients may require 2 sessions and very few patients may even need additional treatments after choosing laser skin tag removal treatment.

To remove skin tag, we use a technique of freezing your skin tags off using liquid nitrogen. This type of technique is known as Cyrotherapy. The result of this type of procedure is widely appreciated and it depends on the skill and experience by a dermatologist or skin specialist, especially when removing the skin tags beneath the eyes. A calculated amount of liquid nitrogen should be used and if applied excessively, it may result in scarring or discoloration.

Post-treatment, you will find redness, swelling, and blister formation followed by scabs will appear on the site of cyrotherapy, which are expected results after the treatment for a few days. There will be a slide bleeding, but it will heal in four to six weeks or might take even longer. Some patients may experience, extensive pain in the area, which will be eased out by giving pain reliever. However, if any infection is found in the treated area, the patient should immediately contact to the doctor.
Compared to other treatments, cyrotherapy procedure is low risk and can be tolerated by even the elderly people and other candidates as well.